Today’s weather- stormy with a chance of baseball sized ice chunks and isolated tornadoes…

Weather 360 will no longer call our 7 PM (EST) post ‘The Latest’, instead, now we will bring in more information, especially about computer models, to all our posts, but will still save some more extra information for the 7 PM (This time is just an average for most of our evening posts) post.

Severe weather ahead?

Yes, although the title of this post is just a “bit” exaggerated, there is still the possibility of some (by some we mean a decent portion…) isolated tornadoes, and a higher chance of some (to use the NOAA’s words for severe thunderstorms just about everywhere severe storms could exist), large hail and damaging winds. Where (and when) will these potentially destructive storms occur?  The answer to that question is most places in the Northeast and today into tomorrow evening.  The most severe storms though will be situated in and around areas such as New York and Pennsylvania (that includes most other states surrounding the states mentioned.)  Live in Upstate New York or somewhere in the rest of northern New England?  You’ll be glad to hear that the severe threat will be further south, especially in the Mid Atlantic…

The Mid Atlantic and southern parts of New England have the greatest odds of receiving some of the severe storms making their way through the Mid West and parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland now.  Be on the lookout for any watches and warnings put out by the National Weather Service.

The severe storms moving through the Mid West now may produce some (a few inches maybe) of snow, but more on the icy side, in northern New England.

For those in northern New England, keep your shovels and ice scrapers nearby, and for those in the rest of New England and the Mid Atlantic, go inside if you hear thunder.

Stay safe!

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