There was snow last night? Wasn’t it just April yesterday?

There was snow last night?

It is true, the snow fell mainly in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Upstate New York last night due to the falling precipitation mixing in with the cold, below freezing air.  Who was our big winner last night in terms of snow you may ask?  KNOX COUNTY MAINE!  You are our big winner!  You received a whole fresh 6.7 inches of snow according to the National Weather Service!

Now that the celebrating is done…

We would like to move on to our next big weather event, the rain tonight in most of the Northeast, but even more wintry mess for you Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Upstate New York!  Yes it is true, now let us show them what they have won again!  About a tenth or two tenths of an inch of ice is expected across the areas mentioned along with some more sleet and snow!

Okay, what about the rain?

In most of New England that isn’t cold enough and nearly the whole Mid Atlantic, precipitation will start to fall later today into tonight in the form of rain if it has not already begun, be careful, turn around don’t drown, meaning, DON’T DRIVE THROUGH FLOODED ROADS! (It isn’t a good idea…)

Also, be on the lookout for the potential of some severe weather affecting parts of New England the Mid Atlantic tonight into tomorrow.

Stay safe!  And really, don’t drive through flooded roadways.

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