The Latest: Hurricane Season 2015 Analysis

Over the past several decades, data has been collected about hurricane forecasts to see how they have changed over the years.  As most of you may have guessed, in the Atlantic Basin and around the world Hurricane Forecasting errors over the past decades have decreased significantly.

The Latest:  2015 Hurricane Season Analysis

Due to the sharp decrease in forecasting errors (for hurricanes) over the past several decades, it is now clearer to forecast hurricane seasons well in advance with more accuracy than ever.   First off, Hurricane Season 2015 is expected to at or near average.  This may change though if there is a stronger El Nino to occur, but at the moment, the El Nino is relatively weak.  The odds of a tropical disturbance impacting the Mid Atlantic or New England coastline may be slightly elevated, but is very different in terms of percentage wise than average.  We will keep you updated as more information comes out.

The Latest: Warm temperatures, then cold temperatures again?

As spring sets in, winter is preparing to make it’s possibly final move on the Northeast US.  The possibility of another dip in the Arctic Jet Stream is steadily increasing.  So as previously mentioned, don’t put away the winter gear yet.

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