Severe storms now, some snow showers later?

As a line of storms begins to move in from the Mid West, the potential for some snow showers on Saturday in New England has increased.  Not much is currently expected in way of accumulation, but it is always a good idea to know what’s ahead.  Also, today into tomorrow morning for most of New England and the Northeast there may be some severe thunderstorms.  The potential for small hail is not very high, but there is a potential for some isolated locations of heavy rain and cloud to ground lightning.  Cloud to ground lightning can be very dangerous, so, if you hear thunder while outdoors, please proceed to a safe structure to avoid any possibility of injury from the lightning.  Early spring in the Northeast has been fairly unusual, starting out with a snowstorm dumping as much as eight inches across New England, and then all the temperature fluctuation between very cold and mild.

Please exercise extra caution while outdoors during stormy weather, and as always, stay safe!

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