The Latest: Thought winter’s wrath was over? You thought wrong…

First off, the GFS and the ECMWF computer models don’t normally agree on most topics. One of the most common of those is temperature, so you can see why it may be unsettling for someone analyzing the models to see very close similarities in temperature forecast.

The Latest:  When will winter ever end!

As previously said, the GFS and the ECMWF computer models are somewhat agreeing on the temperatures expected for the Northeast in the next two weeks.  What wasn’t necessarily stated was that the temperatures they both are suggesting for early April are more associated with temperatures of early to mid March for most locations in the Northeast United States.  It seems as if year by year temperatures are becoming more and more strange, (cough, cough, global warming, cough, cough, climate change), doesn’t it?

The Latest:  What could this mean for you?

Well, with colder temperatures for the Northeast, less people will likely attend outdoor activities (except winter sports) across the area.  With colder temperatures later in winter, apple blossoms could bloom in a brief warm spell, then be killed by cold temperatures soon there after.  More and more examples of how weather can affect you will be mentioned more and more often on Weather 360.

Snow and rain could be on the way so, as always, stay safe!

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