Localized flooding in New England, more reports of mass destruction in Vanuatu

As rain and snow melt continues for much of the Mid-Atlantic and New England, with the threat of some localized flooding, new reports of mass devastation are coming in from Vanuatu.  It is being described as a tragedy, houses completely demolished, trees completely uprooted, reports of several deaths, this is all from the category five monster Cyclone Pam with winds of over 160 MPH.  The destruction that has been caused by this monster cyclone is going down in the record books, possibly as one of the strongest cyclones of all time in the Southern Hemisphere.  The entire nation of Vanuatu has been impacted by this storm.  Thousands are still without power and running water across the islands.

Wherever you are, stay safe.

Rain in the Northeast, mass devastation in Vanuatu

Last night into today for the Northeast US and parts of Southeastern Canada will be either rainy or icy. While there isn’t much to talk about in the Northeast, in the island nation of Vanuatu there is mass devastation after category five typhoon (hurricane) destroys or damages most structures with winds of over 160 MPH and a storm surge possibly over 20 feet (7 meters).  UNICEF released a statement yesterday that it was preparing for the worst.  Reports of widespread devastation and several deaths have been arriving overnight.  To put on top of that there was just another 4.9 earthquake in Vanuatu, although not strong, it could damage already damaged structures.

Cyclone Pam beats down on Vanuatu

The Vanuatu archipelago is being impacted by a monster category five typhoon (hurricane) named Pam.  Pam is dumping nearly two feet of water on the islands of the nation especially on the island which the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila, is situated.  Typhoon Pam is packing winds over 160 MPH and gusts possibly up to 210 MPH with a storm surge possibly over 20 feet (about 7 meters).  This storm is for the record books, as mass devastation is expected in Vanuatu and some surrounding island nations.

Although most connection in Vanuatu is cut off currently due to the storm, stay safe to those in Vanuatu and for anyone in danger of a natural disaster anywhere.


Although Weather 360 mainly covers the Northeast US, we thought it was important for people t note that a category 5 hurricane (typhoon in that region) will likely impact Vanuatu in the Southern Pacific with the chance of impacting northeastern New Zealand with a high surf and gusty winds as the main storm is likely to stay well offshore.  This storm could be one for the record books in the Southern Hemisphere.  The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on June 1st. Wherever you are, stay safe!