This morning the NHC classified an area of disturbed weather with winds of 60 MPH with a well defined center of circulation as the second Tropical Storm of the year and the second Tropical Storm to make landfall this year in the United States, Tropical Storm Bill.  Currently, areas from the Louisiana border with Texas to the Mexican border near Brownsville are receiving some storm surge and winds in excess of 60 MPH along with torrential rains moving ashore.  The   NHC has issued Tropical Storm Warnings for the majority of the Texan eastern coast.  Several computer models are hinting (if not all of them) at the possibility of this storm maintaining at the very least Tropical Depression status several hundred miles inland, possibly to areas as far from the coast as Illinois or Indiana.  This storm is also bringing torrential rains to traverse the country as an abundance of tropical moisture comes through via Tropical Storm Bill. So, over the following days, rain will continue to spread over hard hit areas by flooding just about a week and a half ago, potentially bringing back severe flooding to areas susceptible to flooding.

For anyone in areas that are on the coast in Texas that will be impacted by Tropical Storm Bill, remain indoors unless absolutely necessary, and if you just go outdoors, exercise extreme caution and heed all warnings set out by the NHC.

Stay safe!

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