Another disturbance forming in the Atlantic?

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has created a watch area for a clump of thunderstorms beginning to develop a very weak low pressure.  The computer models have been suggesting that this clump of thunderstorms may develop and grow into some sort of tropical entity and bring some rain and wind to unknown portions of the western Gulf of Mexico Coast.

At the moment, we have not made an official prediction because the NHC is keeping this disturbance’s odds of development at 10%, although once this disturbance’s odds of development do come up, you can look for our official location and intensity forecast on our Hurricanes page.

NHC 5DAY CHART 6 12 15

This is the graphic set out to the public by the National Hurricane Center pertaining to today’s weather conditions across the Tropical Atlantic Basin.

We’ll keep you posted as more information on this disturbance arrives.

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