Slow start to the second full week of Hurricane Season 2015

As Hurricane Season 2015 approaches the two and a half week mark, there is still no tropical activity in the Atlantic Basin.  Besides Ana about a month ago now, there has been NO tropical disturbances in the Atlantic.

Why the slow start?

Well, in general, the peak of Hurricane Season is in early September, and if you look at your calendar right now, that is still about a whole 3 months away.  Anyways, June is normally not the most active month of any Hurricane Season, but from here on out to September, the probability of tropical development will be (on a historical average) increasing.  Not only this, but also at the moment there is no tropical enhancement wave (to put it more simply) over any portion of the Atlantic ocean.

That’s all for now, and we’ll keep you updated as Hurricane Season 2015 progresses!

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