The earliest landfall of a tropical cyclone on the Baja California in recorded history

Hurricane Blanca, now Tropical Storm Blanca, and soon to be Tropical Depression Blanca, has made landfall on the Baja California north of Cabo San Lucas with winds of about 50 miles an hour, which has created some rough surf and dangerous rip currents in an around the area.

Tropical Storm Blanca was only about 48 hours ago a massive category three, major hurricane, with winds over 130 miles an hour, but due to the lower water temperatures near the Baja California, the storm rapidly weakened and will continue this weakening trend until becoming a remnant low that will bring some moisture to portions of the lower US, and possibly could have a slight affect on the Northeast, but nothing terribly significant.


Areas in and around NYC have TORNADO WATCHES posted.  A TORNADO WATCH means that conditions over a large portion of land are more favorable than average for the development of tornadoes, please check with the National Weather Service (NWS) on for specific watches and warnings that may affect you.

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