The Latest: Special Announcement, Update on Papua New Guinea, Weather 360 news, and the warm up soon for the Northeast

On this edition of our 7 PM EST post of ‘The Latest’  we will talk about the special announcement we promised we would release, an update on the 7.7 earthquake in Papua New Guinea along with the tsunami it triggered, and the warm up headed for the Northeast, specifically the NYC Metro Area, where temperatures could soar over fifteen degrees.

The Latest:  Final update of the Papua New Guinea earthquake and tsunami

The 7.7 magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale that shook up parts of Papua New Guinea yesterday has caused tens of large, over 4.0, aftershocks that have reminded locals and travelers there that earthquakes don’t just affect several seconds.  The small and local tsunami created by the initial 7.7 earthquake was measured around two meters at it’s top in Papua New Guinea according to some reports.  Earthquakes such as the 7.7 in Papua New Guinea test the different tsunami warning centers every time they occur, this makes sure that when there are larger earthquakes and tsunamis that the warning centers are able to issue correct and more accurate watches, warnings, and advisories.

The Latest:  Warm up for the winter weary NYC, Boston, and the Northeast as a whole soon!

After the brutal winter and the morning snow has moved through the Northeast, many are hoping for a mild start to April across the I-95 Corridor.  The truth is though, that although over the next week there will be more warmth and mild temperatures across the Northeast, there is the potential for some more cold to come in briefly overt the next two weeks before being purged out of the Northeast by the springtime air.  Be ready for warmer temperatures, but be aware that there may be some more cold spells in store for the Northeast.

The Latest:  Weather 360 news along with our announcement

What Weather 360 would like to say is that our Hurricane Season 2015 cyclone prediction will be released BEFORE June 1st, meaning, with all the combined information from other organizations (ex: Colorado and NHC) along with several other different sources, Weather 360 will provide an official Hurricane Season 2015 cyclone preliminary prediction (number of cyclones only, ex: named, hurricanes, major hurricanes.)

Until then, stay safe!

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