After shocks continue in Southwestern Pacific, warm is in the forecast for the Northeast US

Hundreds of smaller aftershocks are shaking up Papua New Guinea today after the 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck yesterday.  Back to the Northeast,  warm temperatures, and some more snow are in the forecast.

Tomorrow evening and night in cold enough areas of parts of New England and northern portions of the Mid Atlantic, there will be some snow and wintry mix as the result of the transition from rain to frozen precipitation.  Though some cold temperatures and freezing precipitation tomorrow night is expected, warmer temperatures are on the way for the Northeast’s major cities, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, etc.  By the end of this week there is the potential for a day of very mild temperatures all over New England and the Mid Atlantic (around 60 degrees in the NYC Metro Area, with temperatures slightly cooler/warmer depending on location.)

Be prepared for a sudden warm up then another small cool down over the next several days, and as always stay safe!

There is going to be a special announcement regarding this website either in today’s edition of ‘The Latest’ or tomorrow.

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