The end of winter is in – wait nevermind

Did you say this at all in the past several weeks? If you did Weather 360 would like to tell you that this April is forecasted to be cooler than normal if you live in the Northeast.  The winter weary Northeast of the United States has just received about six to ten inches in the New York City Metro Area which created a complete mess on I-95 northbound and southbound according to reports. All the snow forecasted last night actually fell in the early evening hours surprising many. Now Weather 360 said that the end of winter is in sight, but we also said nevermind that.  That is true, the end of the wintry weather in the Northeast is likely going to happen by mid-April, only after the Northeast goes through just a few more storms.  One of these storms is expected to impact the northeast with snow, ice, freezing rain, and rain from Tuesday into Thursday dumping possibly another several inches of snow along with some ice.  For the rest of the US spring-like weather may arrive sooner than mid-April, but in most of Canada especially Newfoundland and northern Canada winter-like weather may start to end a little later than normal.

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