3…2…1 HAPPY HURRICANE SEASON, well in about 30 days…

Why the title one may ask?  Well, it’s because over the past several days the GFS and the ECMWF computer models have been hinting at the development of a tropical disturbance soon near the eastern coast of the United States.  (Also, this hurricane season, although expected to be below average, could potentially not be very happy for some…)

The potential storm does not look like, at the moment, to be a threat to the coastline, but since this storm has survived the changes of the computer models over the past several days, we will continue to update you when more significant developments occur.

For anyone who would like to know, this storm does not appear to be, again at the moment, to strengthen into a full fledged hurricane, but we will update you as the forecasts become clearer and clearer.

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