The overdue earthquake that rocked Nepal was measured at a massive, 7.8 magnitude earthquake. on the Richter Scale.  To put this in context, the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 (San Francisco), was only measured at 6.9, and although significantly weaker than the recent Nepal earthquake, caused mass devastation and created almost 4000 injuries.

At the moment, the Nepal earthquake death toll is close to 5000, with some foretasted estimates to be closer to the 10000 mark.  An earthquake such as this one, only occurs about every 60 to 80 years in Nepal.  The last massive earthquake Nepal  has experienced was an 8.0 magnitude in 1934.  This earthquake was basically on queue in terms of timing, and although geologists have warned for at least a decade or two that the “big one” was imminent, Nepal does not seem as prepared as it could have been.

So far, about 20 people have been found killed by avalanches on Mount Everest and the number of the missing is not currently known.

In places as far as New Delhi, India and Tibet, China, the earthquake was felt, creating a better image of just how massive and large this earthquake really was.

For information on earthquake safety and how others and you can be prepared, go to http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/preparedness.php

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