Woke up early this morning? Blame the thunder…

This morning across the Northeast, thunderstorms have been disrupting the night.  Most of these thunderstorms may not even show up as thunderstorms on radar (but some do) because most of these storms only quickly flare up for a little while, creating enough thunder to disturb the night for many, but not being around or strong enough to be registered.  Even though temperatures in most of the Northeast are only slightly above freezing, thunderstorms are still occurring from Massachusetts to the Tri-State area.  That is also sometimes why there can be thunder snow in the winter, or as they call it in northern New England now, October through June…

If you have already heard about the tornadoes in the Mid West, we can assure you that although the likelihood for them in the Northeast is low, there is a slightly elevated chance in southern portions of the Northeast.

Stay safe!

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