The Latest: Weather 360 on the end of winter and the beginning of Hurricane Season 2015

As winter for the Northeast begins to wind down and warm and cold temperatures fight a raging war in which, obviously, the cold must surrender in, Hurricane Season 2015 approaches. The preliminary estimates in terms of a below average, an average, or an above average season, are suggesting that there will be a close to average season with a very equal chance of the season being weighed towards either below or above average.  Those who are waiting for spring, Weather 360 can promise you that it will come eventually, no matter how unusual the weather may be.

As always, be careful and stay safe!

The Latest: On Weather 360

For anyone wondering where and what exactly Weather 360 covers keep reading.

Area.   During Hurricane Season, Weather 360 covers the entire tropical Atlantic Basin and will provide any watches or warnings set out by the NHC and explain what it means.  During winter though, Weather 360 mainly covers all major storms in the Northeast US only.

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