Late-winter mess has it’s eyes on the Northeast

It seems as if it was out of the blue.  Well, it really was not out of the blue, but it may seem that way.  A wintry mess will arrive in the Northeast tonight bringing mostly rain south and some wintry mix further north closer to the Canadian border.  What made this storm seem out of the blue was due to the fact that there was already the chance of this storm affecting portions of the Northeast (just not very high), normal for several days out for this to happen, but not very usual when only ten hours ahead a major forecast update.  So be prepared if you live south of Massachusetts for a rainy Tuesday morning and for further north locations near the US-Canadian border, some rain and snow that could make for a messy morning commute.

Stay safe!

Weather 360 update

The ‘Hurricane Package’, an email system that is designed to update you on all tropical disturbances in the Atlantic Basin with computer model analysis, is very close to completion and will be released sometime in April or May.

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