Winter is over, right?

The Northeast and especially New England can’t catch a break from the cold cant it? As cooler air is still lingering over New England by a small dip in the Jet Stream, a large high pressure situated over the rest of the US, bringing warm, even record breaking high temperatures to most of the US.  This may all change soon though, the Jet Stream that is holding most of the cold air back over Canada (sorry Canada) will start to dip a little more in the North-central part of the country, flooding most of the Northern US with wintry temperatures.  So, thought winter was over? Sorry to say to anyone who would enjoy spring but, it looks like spring may be a little farther away.  Be mindful of black ice!

Update on Vanuatu:

The monster cyclone, category five Cyclone Pam, flattened most of the archipelago that makes up the nation of Vanuatu.  It is thought that about three quarters of the population of Vanuatu is homeless, gardens that were needed to feed families destroyed, and that there may be even more intense damage and destruction on the more remote islands throughout the nation of Vanuatu.  Some are calling Cyclone Pam one of the worst disasters to strike the region.

Be safe, stay safe.

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