The latest

Welcome to ‘The latest’ a 7 PM (EST) post that will tell you what some of the major computer weather models will mean for the Northeast and any widespread emergency announcements.

The latest: Computer models

It seems that the GFS and the ECMWF computer model are mostly in agreement for what they think may happen with the rain and snow event tonight into tomorrow for the Northeast and for a possible wintry mix to come to the Northeast this upcoming weekend. So, although spring is right around the corner, spring-like weather may arrive a bit later than normal.  Just keep in mind that winter is wrapping up and will changeover to spring sooner or later.

The latest: Current Northeast Storms

As the rain and snow in Eastern Main tapers off this evening into tonight there is not much in way of current precipitation in the Northeast, although as mentioned above there will be a clipper-like system moving into the Northeast from the Mid-West tonight and tapering off by tomorrow evening.

Stay safe!

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