Hurricane Season 2015 preliminary forecast

If you are a person who has been looking at different Hurricane Season 2015 forecasts especially during or after January 12th you may have seen some “differences” in preliminary predictions.  For instance the GWO (Global Weather Oscillations) has predicted the “most active and dangerous in at least 3 years, and the next 3 seasons will be the most dangerous in 10 years.” while other organizations suggest that the 2015 hurricane season will be slightly below average.  Even after that there is more back and forth with some organizations yelling danger at the top of their lungs while others predicting an average to below average season with little risk of a major hurricane landfall in the United States.  So, as you can see Weather 360 has been very busy in terms of having to look at all this information to try and make the most accurate forecast as we can in this stage of the forecasts for the upcoming hurricane season.  Here is Weather 360’s preliminary forecast for Hurricane Season 2015:

Weather 360’s preliminary forecasts with preliminary data so far for Hurricane Season 2015 suggest at least an average season with the chance of an above average season in the Atlantic Basin.  In way of hurricane landfalls Weather 360 cannot make a complete guarantee so early on before the season actually starts, but please, Weather 360 urges everyone on from the Canadian Maritime to Brownsville, Texas  and beyond to start to be prepared for a possible landfall near you. Again, Weather 360 would like to say that it is a good idea for everyone with a threat of a hurricane on the Atlantic Basin to be prepared for this potentially active hurricane season.

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