NCSU, the TSR, and Colorado state all forecasting a quiet Hurricane Season

According to all the sources’ listed above April forecasts, there will be a below average Hurricane Season in the Tropical Atlantic Basin.  The Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) program is predicting anywhere in between 8 and 15 total named storms, 3 to 9 hurricanes, and of which 1 to 4 would be major hurricanes.  What the TSR is predicting though is overall a 20% less active Hurricane Season than the historical long range average.

Here is what the overall highest percentage expectancy for all the sources mentioned (put together by Wikipedia)

TSR April 9, 2015 11 5 2
CSU April 9, 2015 7 3 1
NCSU April 13, 2015 4–6 1–3 1

An average Hurricane Season looks something more like this:

12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes.

So, you can see that there is some uncertainty in the exact number of storms there will be this Hurricane Season, but what all these programs are still urging is for anyone and everyone on or near the coast to be prepared for a possible hurricane strike, because it only takes one to create mass devastation.

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