Wintry weather expected to impact parts of New England, TONIGHT!

Tonight across New England there is the potential for some wintry mix due to the precipitation happening to fall the one night in April where temperatures are right around freezing in that area.

The freezing line will be just north of New York City, creating a possible icy hazard tomorrow morning for commuters.  In Connecticut, southern parts of New York, and Rhode Island, the main threat will be sleet and rain together in the morning.  In Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, the main threat will be freezing rain (ice) and some snow possibly mixed in will also create more hazardous conditions for commuters across New England.

Remember when we told you not to necessarily put away all the winter gear earlier?  Now, if you took our advise, you will not need to work so hard to stay safe!

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