The Latest: Snow in the Northeast and a new page on Weather 360!

Welcome back to the latest post of ‘The latest’  by Weather 360.

As you may have seen, there is a new page on Weather 360.  The new page is titled ‘School Closing Index’,  on here, Weather 360 will post if there is either a high chance, a low chance, or a medium chance of school closures, delayed openings, or early dismissals when there is a major storm to impact the Northeast within the next one to three days.

The Latest: It’s official, spring is here, accompanied by a fresh round of snow

For anyone in the southern portions of the Northeast US, you may noticed some new, fresh snow on top of what ever is left of what winter gladly dumped near you.  Some areas in the New England and New York area have reported several inches of snow in some localized areas.  If you are planning to be or are currently outside, please remember to exercise extra caution in the wintry weather.

Stay safe!

The Latest: Brief temperature cool down for the Northeast

As the snow falling in the Northeast is beginning to wrap up in locations further to the west, the cooler temperatures are ready to come in very soon.  After about a day of slightly warmer temperatures expected tomorrow, another brief round of cooler temperatures is expected to come through the Northeast before more warm temperatures start to come back in, ridding the Northeast of at least some of what winter left in it’s wake.

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