The National Hurricane Center’s warning system

It’s October 29th 2012, Superstorm Sandy is battering down on the Northeast Coast, 17 are left dead in the United States.  The National Hurricane Center had to strip the Hurricane Warnings that were in place due to Superstorm Sandy being a post-tropical cyclone and no longer maintaining the hurricane status.  In June of 2013 a newer version of the system was put in place, this new version of the system made sure that if there was to be another Sandy or extremely dangerous post tropical cyclone with winds sustained at warning criteria warnings would stay in place.  The new warning system created by the NHC could save lives, when there is a Hurricane Warning people tend to take it more seriously than no warning at all.  The Atlantic Basin is approaching it’s hurricane season, so Weather 360 would like to take the time now to make sure in the back of everyone’s mind they know to heed all advisories, watches, and weather warnings set out by the NHC or NWS.



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