Tropical cyclone in the Atlantic possible soon… BUT IN MAY?!!

For those who may not know, the Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1st and ends on November 30th.

Although this is only one computer model (GFS) and the latest possible hour run (384 hrs in advance), a possible tropical disturbance in one model still can, even if it is very far out, remind everyone that Hurricane Season is approaching.

Wait, what? The GFS model is predicting a tropical cyclone soon?

Well, at the moment since the time frame is extremely far our, this does not look likely, but the latest run of the GFS computer model for 384 hours is showing a small and weak disturbance near the Puerto Rico to the north.  DO NOT, WE REPEAT, DO NOT, TAKE THIS AS A 100% GUARANTEE, because at the moment, the odds of this are extremely low.  The point of this message though, is that Hurricane Season is literally around the corner, and that even outside of the Hurricane Season there still is the possibility for some tropical activity.

Weather 360 will keep you posted as more information comes out, but remember, at the moment, what the GFS computer model is showing has an extremely low chance of being anything significant.  Although, it still is never to early to prepare for Hurricane Season if you live on the coast.