Hurricane Matthew Expected to Slam Florida

The category 3 Hurricane Matthew has prompted tropical storm watches, tropical storm warnings, hurricane watches, and hurricane warnings for nearly the entire state. Winds in excess of 100 mph may be expected across large swaths of the Southeast from southern Florida to South Carolina in the coming days.

[Image of probabilities of 34-kt winds]
NHC Tropical Storm Force Winds Probabilities for Hurricane Matthew.

Millions have been ordered to evacuate from the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. The time is NOW to prepare for the storm. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE STORM STARTS TO PREPARE. Hurricane Matthew is an extremely dangerous and life threatening storm, and potential impacts to The US and The Bahamas may be comparable to that of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

*Hurricane Matthew is an extremely dangerous storm, it is highly recommended to prepare and evacuate as ordered by your local governments should they do so. Please consult The National Hurricane Center at for more info.*

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