Major Snowstorm Soon?

The potential for a significant snow event exists over the upcoming weekend.  The National Weather Service has kept the odds of this storm in the NYC Metro Area around 70%, as there is still great uncertainty to the exact path of this nor’easter.

The most recent run of the GFS and the ECMWF brings the low pressure system a bit further north,  which means more winds above 20 MPH and potentially over a foot of snow in the Metropolitan Area.   Some short range computer models have continued to flip-flop on their positions, rendering them currently unreliable.  Another small shift to the north and this low pressure could bring more extreme snow accumulations to the area.

At the moment, there is still great uncertainty in the path and intensity of this storm, so don’t take the latest forecast to be the only forecast.  The odds are, most of the computer models will continue to flip-flop at least once or twice more before settling down on one forecast.

For more information, visit our Winter Weather Center page.

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