Potential tropical cyclone in the Atlantic, SOON!

Now with the support of several other major computer models, the ECMWF and the GFS computer models still suggest that some type of a tropical cyclone may occur near the eastern seaboard over the next few days.  This potential storm’s worst case scenario is being forecasted by a major computer model known as the CMC, which depicts a strong tropical storm or a category one hurricane impacting areas such as North Carolina with heavy rains, winds, and some storm surge.  Keep in mind, this is the current worst case scenario and is no more likely than there being a weaker storm off the coast, (again at the moment.)  Other computer models such as again the GFS, suggest a tropical cyclone, likely a tropical storm, off the eastern coast and veering out into the ocean in between the Carolinas and Bermuda.

For now, stay aware, and stay safe!

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