The Latest: Winter storm to impact Northeast on the first day of spring

The winter season feels like it is either starting up again or wrapping up, although the answer is winter is well on it’s decline, it does feel much like it could be November again for the Northeast.

The Latest: Winter storm on it’s way to the Northeast

A winter storm, or really spring storm that is of mostly snow, is to dump several inches of snow across the majority of the Northeast before moving out into the Atlantic and possibly impacting Nova Scotia with some snow too. The same computer models that have suggested this storm for the past several days are continuing to support the idea of this happening at a close to 100 percent chance.  Exercise extra caution while outdoors in wintry weather, and most of all, stay safe!

The Latest: The newest section of Weather 360

Around 8 PM EST, Weather 360 will announce on a new post the new section of the website.

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