The latest

Welcome to Weather 360’s newest edition, a 7 PM (EST) post that will analyze the latest models, major storms in the Northeast right now, and Weather 360 news.

The latest GFS model runs are suggesting that the warmer air currently situated over parts of the Northeast will move in quickly, and out very soon. So this means that the warmer, spring-like temperatures, were not the same spring-like temperatures that hang around then stick around only to warm up more, but more of an early April Fool’s joke.  While the latest run of the GFS model, the second most accurate weather model in the world, suggests this joke, may not be necessarily so.  The latest run of the European weather model is suggesting a small period of time where cold air will intrude, but then a sudden warm up, which may include a possible rain storm for the Northeast a few days before the end of the month.

The late winter storm that has covered most of Maine with at least several inches of snow, is starting to exit the area into the Canadian Maritime.  With this storm’s exiting, rapid snow melt that is occurring in southern New England and the Mid Atlantic will spread northward into parts of Southeastern Canada and the northern parts of New England.  Watch out for possible flooding and morning black ice.

Weather 360 will operate on a two to three post per day schedule, each post is going to be made to give different information throughout the day.  The time schedule for posts will stay the same; 7 AM, a pre-evening rush hour post, and a 7 PM edition of ‘The Latest’ by Weather 360, which will include all info mentioned at the beginning of this post.

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